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  • Innovation and operation service provider for Chinese industrial parks

    Full service of "strategic consulting+industrial investment promotion+industrial operation+smart park"

  • Industrial innovation operation empowers high-quality development of industrial parks

    INCHAM Building an Integrated Operation and Service System of "Industry Network Integration with City People"

  • Full process service for Chinese enterprises to choose and settle in Vietnam for overseas travel

  • INCHAM· Intelligent Industrial Operation Innovation Center

    Promote the connectivity between intelligent industry and external "politics, industry, education, research, application, finance, services, and cities"Building a collaborative, organic, and healthy intelligent industrial cluster ecosystem

  • "Songshan Lake: The Road from National High tech Zone to a Science City with Global Influence"

    Produced by INCHAM Industrial City Think Tank: Take You to Understand the Rise and Future of Songshan Lake Science City


For over a decade, INCHAM has provided professional services to nearly 100 local governments, park management committees, large real estate developers, urban investment and infrastructure companies, and other clients for nearly 100 projects, involving hundreds of billions of yuan in funds, creating good economic and social benefits, and establishing a leading position in the industry. Looking towards the future, Incham will focus on the operation of industrial real estate and smart parks, providing customers with high-quality value creation services, and is committed to growing into a leading brand with important influence in the field of China's economic and social construction!

Local government/park management committee

Provincial, municipal, and county governments


Various development zones

Industrial park developers

Urban Investment Company


private enterprise

High tech Zone Economic Development Zone Urban New Area Industrial town area ……

Industrial New City

Digital Information Industry Park Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park Intelligent Automobile Industry Park Smart Medical Industry Park ……

Industrial Park/Industrial Park

Innovation Technology Town Intelligent Manufacturing Town Smart Medical Town Financial Capital Town ……

Characteristic Town

Office Building Business Building Enterprise headquarters area Industrial complex ……



Along the way, INCHAM has adhered to the service concept of "customer-centric" and innovatively constructed an "integrated service system of industry network integration and people" with the thinking of "industrial innovation operation empowering real estate". It has streamlined the capital operation and zero carbon smart park service chain from preliminary research and planning to industrial investment, property asset leasing and sales, industrial operation management, industrial investment and real estate finance.

01-Industrial and Urban Planning Consulting

Urban strategic planning, park strategic planning, and enterprise strategic planning

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02-Industrial investment attraction in the park

Carrier investment, land investment, and enterprise site selection

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03-Industrial operation in the park

Industrial operation, enterprise services, property management

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04-Mergers and acquisitions of park assets

Asset acquisition services, asset financing services, and industrial investment services

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05-Zero carbon smart park

Industrial intelligent brain, intelligent management platform, zero carbon solution

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06-Industry training and inspection

Specialized training, study tours, expert consultants

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Accumulated service items100+



Investment enterprises10000+family



Accumulated investment area of 500W+㎡



Accumulated sales amount of 10 billion+



Financing of 10 billion yuan+



More than 10 million enterprises with big data


The Brand Development Center of INCHAM Park has been deeply involved in the industrial real estate field for many years, based on its own industry advantages. It has deeply integrated Yingcheng's "industry city network integration" concept, four major industries and product research, industry and park investment and operation management experience, industry and enterprise service resources, and has made great efforts to shape the four major industrial parks/characteristic town brands of Yingcheng, and to create an industry and park operation and management system and standards, To provide services such as brand output, operational cooperation, operational consulting, and resource docking for major industrial parks and characteristic towns. Through guiding brands, models, industries, systems, teams, and resources, we help the park achieve its goals of brand enhancement, industrial agglomeration, asset appreciation, and long-term development.

  • INCHAM Counting Valley

    Incham Shugu is positioned as an accelerator for Chinese digital enterprises, a technology leader in the digital economy era, and a booster for traditional enterprise digital transformation.

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  • INCHAM Smart Valley

    Incham Smart Valley is positioned as an intelligent manufacturing industry base, a Made in China 2025 demonstration base, and an engine for urban industrial transformation and upgrading.

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  • INCHAM Medical Valley

    Incham Medical Valley is committed to building the country's largest intelligent medical industry Internet and big data center and intelligent health industry cluster center.

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  • INCHAM ART Valley

    Positioned as the birthplace of Chinese art and fashion, a highland for the gathering of Chinese cultural and creative industry brands, and an international center for designers, art, fashion, and cultural cooperation and exchange.

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INCHAM has years of practical experience, a professional service team, rich industrial chain resources, and cross regional integration capabilities. Through innovative planning and investment operation systems, it helps industrial projects enhance their innovative operational competitiveness, promote efficient development of the park, and increase the value of property assets.

  • Background strength

    Initiate a strong industrial real estate business chain service alliance with Incham as the core, fully ensuring the successful development of customer projects.

  • Rich experience

    Integrating rich theoretical knowledge of industrial real estate with practical project experience, innovating park models and operating systems.

  • top team

    A pragmatic and efficient high-precision team with strong business execution and innovative operational management capabilities.

  • speciality

    Focused on industrial real estate and smart park sectors for over 10 years, we strive to provide the utmost service and keep our original intention in mind.

  • Insight into trends

    A deep insight into the business trends and development of the industry, and an innovative ability to inspire unlimited creativity and inspiration.

  • Resource integration

    Strong cross industry and cross regional integration capabilities, integrating industry chain resources and providing overall solutions.


INCHAM Think Tank (abbreviated as Yingcheng Industrial City Research Institute) originated from the development research and practice of Songshan Lake National Science and Technology Industrial Park, positioning itself as an international high-end industrial real estate think tank institution. For more than 10 years, it has been focusing on the field of "industry and park", with "digital information, intelligent manufacturing, smart healthcare, and fashion art" as its industrial research direction, The research focuses on "industrial parks, characteristic towns, headquarters bases, industrial new cities, and zero carbon smart parks".


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